Nail drills for the best nail service

Our online store specializes in great high-quality manicure and pedicure tools. Electric nail drills hold a special place among all the nail tools and supplies, and there are many reasons for this. They offer superior accuracy when compared to a common nail file, and they can reach even difficult corners around the nail. At the same time, they are much faster when it comes to getting the nails done. The nail drills can thin out thick nails in minutes. They also can file rough uneven nail surface to a much smoother and even surface.

Fine nail drills for your nail business

We know the importance of professional and at the same time affordable nail drills.  After all, this is your work tools and you can’t afford to take shortcuts on this.

We stock a great line of nail drills from top name brands to an alternative affordable line for all levels of nail techs: from entry level to high end workhorse nail drills for a busy nail salon (yes, they can withstand intense usage easily).

We proudly offer a full line of nail drills. Ceramic nail drills became the professional nail tech’s favorite. They are well designed, durable, long-lasting, and more importantly, made to cut with absolute precision. They are also very gentle on the skin and vary in shapes and sizes.

Stainless steel nail drillsare unbelievably smooth and quiet when operating.

Stainless steel nail drills with diamond coating cut faster, last longer, and leave a smoother finish than any other product. These instruments cut quickly and smoothly, without any hurting.

Tungsten steel nail drills are vibration-free and produce minimum friction, which causes heat. Tungsten nail drills are perfect for the most discerning of techs.

If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate and contact our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly support team for help in finding the best option for your nail business.