Nail art designs

You don't have to be a nail art technician to create beautiful and stunning nail designs. Just pick what you want from our online store collection of must-haves, and enjoy your stylish nails.

Nail art supplies for your perfect manicure

We have nail art stickers that are absolutely perfect for everyday manicure or special occasions. They will let you sparkle and shine. Our nail art stickers are super easy to apply, they last long, and are available in many unique designs to choose from for very reasonable price.

Speaking about nail art products, we can’t mention the acrylic powder and liquid. They are ideal for creating three dimensional acrylic patterns and designs. Imagine flowers, birds and geometric patterns that literally jump off your nails. In addition, they are also great for creating color backgrounds for your nail designs.

Add a dazzling look to your nails with a sprinkle of nail art glitter. It is never dull and boring. High qualityglitter is perfect for just about any design. We stock an endless collection of nail art glitter in many colors and forms. Try powdered glitter to create a background for a design, which is more than just a background. The holographic quality of this substance will practically hypnotize you. Our rhombus shaped multicolor nail glitter emits an amazing shine that can’tbe matched. It is always bright and funny.

Don’t pass by our colorful rhinestones! When viewed under different lighting conditions, these rhinestones seem to change color and glimmer.

We also stock false nails for fabulous manicures. Our nails are strong, durable, flexible and easy to apply. Add some glitter or nail stickers to create a spectacular design. Our collection of false nails will definitely make your job easier. We have pre-designed, color and plain false nails in all forms you can imagine.

We stock much more creative supplies for your nail art, shop now and choose your own design.