Relaxing hands and feet SPA

When we speak about hands and feet SPA, the first thing that comes to mind is blissful relaxation, absolute calmness, and well-spent quality time. Sometimes it is just exactly what we need to momentarily forget about the hassles of everyday life and enjoy the perfect moment.

Hands and feet SPA is not only nice manicure or pedicure. It is a complex skin and body care with focus on the health of hands and feet, as well as their cosmetic appearance. Cleansing, exfoliation, massage, hydration and moisturizing – all these stages will reduce tension, promote healing and give relief. Dry, dull or sun-damaged hands will never feel more loved and cared after SPA treatment. And special foot SPA care will relieve dry, sore or tired feet.

As hands and feet deserve extra care, there are some special products that let us struggle with the most common issues – dry skin, rough calluses, cracked heels and more! With SPA care treatment you will get soft, silky and moisturized skin. Discover our huge collection of hands and feet SPA products.

We strive to provide our customers with impressive range of the finest hand, foot and skin care products: moisturizing hand creams, socks and gloves; deodorant sprays for feet; electronic foot care products; bowls for nail soaking and many more. All this supplies turn manicure and pedicure SPA sessions into a magic ritual. They provide hydration, firmness, smoothness, rejuvenation, increase in elasticity, reactivation of cell regeneration, protection against free radicals, refining the skins structure, and maintaining a youthful appearance.

SPA care products are able to give our customers’ hands and feet the attention they deserve. And as the result, they will get not only neat hands or feet, but also a real pleasure. What is also important, our products will help to maintain the condition of skin on hands and feet so that the natural beauty will radiate out.