Rollers and braiders for beautiful hairstyles

Big Hollywood hair has always been a dream of many girls. You won’t believe, but this red carpet hairstyle is very easy to create with the right tools. Maybe it seems old-fashioned, but rollers is here to help you. There are several advantages of using rollers instead of hot iron: you can get a longer lasting curl, more volume, and you do less damage to the hair. The size of the roller determines how much curl or volume you get. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl. Larger rollers will give you more wave or volume. So you need to choose a size according to length of your hair and the desired result.

Discover our rollers collection

We can offer you different type of rollers. Just pick what is better for you and your hair. We stock soft and flexible hair curlers for nice ringlets, self-gripping hair curlers with different sizes for those who want to add lift to roots (large sizes) or curl to ends (smaller diameters). Strawberry shaped curlers are protective and never make any damage to your hair.

Our braiders for your gorgeous hairstyles

Speaking about gorgeous hairstyles, we must mention another hair tools for those who love braided hair but want it to be fast and easy – braiders. What you need is simply weave alternative strands of hair across the braider to create great hair glam styles. Usually braids require practice and patience, but once learned, you will create hairstyles that are elegant, timeless, and professional. The hair braiders can make the process easier to learn.

We stock various hair braiders for different hairstyles. The most popular and a really must have are plastic braiders for French hairstyles. They will help you create elegant French braid also known as a French plait. This braid holds well, is versatile, and also appropriate for hair of various lengths.